Our History


Christ in Our History

White Plains Baptist Church's roots stem back to the early 1800's. 

White Plains Baptist had many different pastor's down through the 

years, but we'll pick up with Pastor Carl Lackey who became the 

pastor in 1948. His desire for lost souls in this area fueled a new 

flame around these parts. 

Under his leadership souls began to get save, attendance began to

 rise. This obviously brought a need for a larger building. Land was 

purchased and construction began in 1950 on the, now existing, brick church; most of this construction was done by the volunteer members of the church, as is the same today. The first service was held in the new buiding on January 1, 1956. 


Today the church continues to run the bus routes that Preacher Lackey started. The bus worker's find great joy in visiting and showing the riders God's love for them each week on the buses.  Along with a burden for bus routes, Preacher Lackey saw a need for a Christian School. This  became a reality in 1971. 


Today the school and daycare are still functioning, and lives are being changed through these works as the school motto is, "Changing Lives Forever."


 Preacher Lackey has gone on to glory, but we will ever strive under the leadership of Pastor Tucker and by God's help and grace to keep these works going.